We play epic complex music and take ourselves way too seriously.

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Noa Gruman

Orr Didi

Gal Gabriel Israel

Aaron Friedland

Yoav Weinberg


Scardust is the foremost progressive metal band in Israel, featuring some of the finest musicians in the Israeli metal scene. Their music, though thematic and at times complex, generates an anthemic familiarity in which the band’s choir, the audience and the band itself sing in glorious unison.

The band’s EP, “Shadow” (2015) positioned them as a promising new comer, while their follow up effort, “Sands of Time” (2017) cemented them as the leading progressive metal band in the country.

Scardust has sold out many shows in Israel and has opened for the likes of Symphony X, Therion and Epica.

In 2018 Scardust embarked on their Summer Sandstorm tour which saw them perform from Tel Aviv’s iconic Zappa Club to Dong Open Air and Berlin.

In 2019 the band extended their touring, visiting Europe, and China, headlining the Wacken Metal Battle China. The highlight of the year, however, was their UK tour with Patty Gurdy and their performance at the Ramblin’ Man Fair Festival featuring a live choir assembled especially for the occasion.

After they returned from the tour, Scardust headlined and produced the first “Scarfest” Festival in Tel Aviv, Israel, which featured some of their favourite local bands and artists the prestigeous Reading 3 performance hall.

In winter 2020, the band entered the studio to record their follow up album, “Strangers”. The outbreak of COVID-19 brutally destroyed their recording plans, which ironically forced the band to continue the process in isolation.

Against all odds, the album came out in fall 2020 through M-Theory Audio, followed by 7 self produced music videos for songs from the album, that you can find in Scardust’s YouTube channel. The album was critically acclaimed by many magazines such as the iconic “Prog” magazine and dozens of others.

During 2021 the band used every opportunity to perform shows, as much as the health restrictions allowed: With or without a live audience, online or face to face. The year’s highlights were their headline show at the IMF festival in “B-Side” TLV, and their sold-out Nightwish tribute show.

2022 started big with the visit of folk star Patty Gurdy, who came to Israel to perform a show with Scardust at the Gagarin club in Tel Aviv. The show took place at the venue in front of a live audience and also online, in front of over 2000 fans.

In summer 2022 the band performed a series of shows across Tel Aviv, Eilat, Belgium, and all around Germany including Wacken Open Air. 

Currently the band is working on writing new music and producing new videos, with plenty to look forward to in the upcoming future.